Multi-Sector Total Return

Pursuing enhanced returns through flexible allocations across global markets.

Opportunistically investing across the range of fixed income securities, our flagship multi-sector offering provides investors with the potential for greater opportunity to achieve enhanced returns consistent with their higher alpha targets.

Centered on a minimum allocation to core U.S. investment grade assets, portfolios are relatively unrestricted in their proportional allocations across non-core assets in emerging markets debt, high yield and non-U.S. investment grade.

We believe our experience positions our team to capture alpha by actively allocating to those sectors and asset classes where we see the greatest return potential.

Our disciplined and collaborative process leverages the expertise of our portfolio managers and analysts and begins with our weekly allocation decision. Driven by our Investment Committee’s strategic global viewpoint, we determine what we believe to be the optimal balance of investment grade, high yield and emerging markets debt. Tactical allocations across sectors are then defined as an overlay to the strategic portfolio. Our approach includes:

  • Quantitative tools to create a strategic asset allocation framework
  • Qualitative judgments to determine tactical sector weightings
  • Risk management from the perspective of relative return volatility and shortfall risk
  • Credit monitoring and a strong sell discipline

Multi-Sector Total Return is a diversified mix of complete strategies managed by experienced specialist teams.