Global Diversified Credit

Leveraging our skills and experience in fundamental credit analysis and asset allocation to manage a diversified portfolio of global credit assets.

We actively allocate among credit-related asset classes based on our views of the relative value of each sector, including but not limited to investment grade corporate and securitized credit, emerging markets sovereign and corporate debt, high yield, bank loans, and convertible securities. We strive to enhance long-term total returns through tactical asset allocation and security selection along with careful risk management.

Stone Harbor’s investment professionals meet monthly to discuss broad economic themes and trends, delving into the fundamentals of each asset class. The firm’s global macroeconomic view, determined at this monthly meeting, informs sector positioning and tactical asset allocation decisions. Security selection decisions are made by specialist teams based on their deep understanding of specific industry and company fundamentals and market technicals.

Portfolios may be customized based on our clients’ investment goals and objectives.