Investment Grade Strategies

Investment grade fixed income strategies anchor a well-diversified portfolio.

Our experienced portfolio managers have been investing together since the early 1990s, maintaining a consistent philosophy and approach. The team consists of 5 portfolio managers and 6 global industry credit analysts averaging over 20 years of experience managing core fixed income, securitized debt products and corporate debt as dedicated portfolios or as components of multi-sector credit portfolios.

Our disciplined investment process emphasizes credit quality, technicals, valuations, and risk management. We believe rigorous fundamental credit analysis is the key driver of both downside protection and alpha generation.

The Investment Grade strategy allows for a broad range of allocations across asset classes. Typical investment grade portfolios also include allocations to securitized assets including residential mortgage backed securities, commercial mortgage backed securities, and asset backed securities.

Furthermore, we seek to add value through tactical allocation to non-benchmark sectors. Tactical sector allocation decisions combine both qualitative and quantitative assessments and are driven by our outlook for credit spreads and interest rates as guided by thorough fundamental, macroeconomic and credit analysis.

We offer a flexible range of Investment Grade portfolios that may be customized to focus on specific fixed income sectors, such as investment grade corporate debt or securitized assets or emerging markets debt.