Global High Yield

Pursuing an optimal balance of two investment opportunity sets.

Our Global High Yield portfolios are designed to benefit from prudent allocation decisions between our High Yield and Emerging Markets Debt strategies.

We believe our capability in both these asset classes — honed by years of collaborative experience — gives us unique insight into market opportunities and market risk.

Uncovering opportunities in both the high yield and emerging debt markets is driven by careful consideration of the macroeconomic factors impacting countries and industries. This perspective is complemented by deep fundamental research into the individual credits and the diligent use of quantitative risk management systems.

We seek to ensure that our clients benefit from our team’s expertise in the two asset classes through tactical allocations based on relative value analysis. We actively seek to capture asset allocation alpha based on the relative value of strategies and sectors, leveraging the depth of our portfolio management teams’ collective experience.

We believe an optimized weighting is determined through opportunity and risk evaluation and may be customized based on investor guidelines.