European High Yield

Opportunities in a growing asset class.

The European High Yield strategy primarily invests in high-yield corporate bonds that are denominated in European currencies such as EUR, GBP and CHF. As funding for European corporations is shifting away from banks to the capital markets, we anticipate that the European high yield market should continue to broaden and deepen.

Working as a team, we implement a disciplined investment process that uses fundamental research to identify market inefficiencies and potential opportunities. We determine relative weightings within sectors and industries based on our views on economic growth, industry trends and valuations.

With its smaller size compared to the US high yield market, the European high yield market generally exhibits higher volatility, creating risks and opportunities. We seek to mitigate risks by managing portfolio exposures to avoid late cycle downturns while remaining positioned to capture opportunities from these dislocations. We also monitor portfolio risk through quantitative techniques and systems. We believe that strategic allocation of sectors, industries and superior credit selections are the key drivers of returns.

We offer a flexible range of options within our European High Yield strategy. Portfolios can be dedicated European High Yield portfolios or a component of broader Global High Yield or High Yield strategies.