Bank Loans

We are true value investors — focusing on in-depth fundamental credit analysis — and have delivered results over multiple market cycles.

We believe successfully investing in leveraged loans requires specialized experience to identify potential opportunities across industries and companies in our investable universe.

We aim to effectively use the skills developed over decades of investing in companies with highly leveraged balance sheets to achieve competitive performance while managing downside risk.

Our experience in dealing with highly leveraged capital structures and our breadth of access to the leveraged loan and high yield markets give us valuable insights. Our investment selection is based on the following processes:

  • In-depth fundamental credit research performed by industry specialists
  • Transaction structure analysis focused on covenants and collateral to mitigate downside risk
  • Risk management techniques structured to assess significant price volatility

As secured lenders, we invest in companies with transparent enterprise value and a proven record of financial performance, emphasizing balance sheet strength and positive cash flow. We focus on loans that have liquidity in the secondary market and construct our loan portfolios to be diversified across corporate borrowers and industry segments.

Flexible in addressing client needs, we offer bank loans as a stand-alone portfolio or as a component of our High Yield or Multi-Sector Credit strategies.