Global High Yield Strategies

Consistent approach and long-term experience in credit investing.

Our experienced portfolio managers have been investing in high yield bonds for over two decades. As the high yield market has grown and matured, we have maintained a consistent investment philosophy and credit selection approach, mindful of our goal of generating attractive risk-adjusted results.

Working as a team, we implement a disciplined investment process by combining bottom-up credit research within a top-down framework. Our high yield portfolio managers use our broad economic outlook combined with our specific outlook for the high yield market to establish relative weightings within sectors and industries, based on current and expected valuations.

We focus on capital preservation as a driver of returns. We seek to mitigate risk by managing portfolios that are broadly diversified by sector, industry and issuer. Quantitative techniques and systems are used to monitor portfolio risk.

We offer a flexible range of high yield portfolios that may be customized to focus on specific credit quality targets such as our High Yield BB & B strategy. Portfolios may include tactical allocations to European high yield, convertibles, loans and special situations. These components of broader strategies may also be available as stand-alone portfolio offerings.

Our High Yield Core Strategy focuses on the developed nations’ high yield corporate markets while our High Yield strategy has the flexibility to invest in emerging markets debt.