Emerging Markets Debt Global Allocation

Using our judgment and experience to balance the right mix of assets.

We actively allocate among distinct portfolios of hard and local currency sovereign and corporate debt based on our views of the relative value of each sector. We strive to enhance long-term total returns through tactical allocation between the sectors and through disciplined country and security selection within the different sectors.

Country and currency decisions are based on our disciplined investment process, which includes an assessment of macroeconomic fundamentals, policies and politics, as well as the attractiveness of spreads, currencies and interest rates. Corporate investment decisions combine judgments of the relative attractiveness of industries with the credit fundamentals of individual companies.

Experienced across all sectors of emerging markets debt, our investment team seeks to:

  • Evaluate expected performance of each asset class over short- and long-term time horizons based on our market outlook and sector valuations
  • Determine alternative risk scenarios which are analyzed to develop the optimal allocation mix which is adjusted as market dynamics dictate
  • Identify attractive sectors and securities within each country
  • Manage risk through broad issuer diversification coupled with strict credit monitoring

Customized allocations may be tailored to differing sector weights according to our clients’ investment guidelines, alpha targets and risk parameters.