Emerging Markets Debt Strategies

A total return approach to capturing opportunity in emerging markets.

Our demonstrated ability in managing emerging markets debt for over two decades stems from teamwork, a disciplined research and investment process and the experience to make sound judgments. Among the most experienced in emerging markets debt investing since 1990, we believe our portfolio management team has one of the longest running track records in the asset class.

Over the past decade, as emerging market economies have grown and strengthened relative to the developed world, the investment landscape has broadened to create new opportunities. Our team has monitored these expanding markets and incorporated them into portfolios for our clients.

We seek to take advantage of the secular trend toward improving credit quality throughout the emerging markets by focusing on fundamental analysis, sound portfolio management and rigorous risk management. We carefully focus on avoiding defaults that can lower returns and lead to permanent loss of capital.

We actively manage the sovereign external, local currency and corporate debt components of our portfolios in an effort to enhance return and reduce risk via a range of tailored emerging markets debt strategies. Portfolios may be sector-specific or include flexible tactical allocations across sectors.

We believe the key to successfully generating excess returns is through a disciplined research, investment and risk management process combined with a significant ongoing investment in people and technology.