Who We Are

Our Firm

We are a global credit specialist with expertise in emerging and developed markets debt. With three decades of informed experience allocating risk in complex areas of the fixed income markets, we manage global credit portfolios for institutional clients around the world.

Our Roots: The core of the Stone Harbor team began as members of the asset management division of Salomon Brothers, an investment firm founded in 1910.

Late 1980s - 1990s

Peter Wilby, Stone Harbor’s Managing Partner and Co-CIO, led the asset management group at Salomon and along with Jim Craige Co-CIO, pioneered investing in emerging markets debt (EMD). Other senior team members— many of whom remain at Stone Harbor today—also were innovators in global fixed income investing during their tenures at Salomon.


Salomon Brothers was acquired by the Travelers Group and later became part of the large financial services firm Citigroup. From 1999 through 2006, the team continued investing in global fixed income markets for institutional investors as part of Citigroup.


The team spun out of Citigroup and founded Stone Harbor Investment Partners LP as an independent fixed income investment manager focused on global credit and multi-sector credit strategies for institutional investors. From the beginning in 2006 and through today, Stone Harbor has been an independent firm with broad employee ownership. Headquartered in New York, with an office in London and Singapore.

Our Mission

We are singularly focused on translating our research and investment knowledge into meaningful value and product innovation for our global clients and partners.


Our People

We are dedicated to the work and the results we accomplish as a team. We rely on individual contributions to operate as a collective whole.

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to our partnership with our clients. We offer our clients access to portfolio managers, and our client service and relationship management teams stand ready to help with client requests.

Our Relationships

We aim to build long-term relationships and continue to seek ways to innovate to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Our Stewardship

Because we consider stewardship of our client portfolios of the utmost importance, we have developed a state-of-industry proprietary risk management system in order to achieve client objectives.


We believe that collaboration and consistency – in both team and process – are key to building long-term value.

We are an active manager, who allocates dynamically in building our credit portfolios as we seek to achieve client’s risk-adjusted total return objectives.

Stone Harbor’s investment team – portfolio managers, credit analysts, economists, quantitative analysts and risk management professionals – engages in disciplined and regular collaboration to carefully construct our global macroeconomic outlook and strategic allocation framework. We are a research-driven firm, drilling deeply into the fundamentals to determine the attractiveness of individual credits, currencies, interest rates and yield curves to find the best investments within select asset classes.

In emerging markets, we focus on politically and fiscally stable countries, carefully assessing macroeconomic fundamentals, policies and politics to ascertain each country’s credit worthiness. In high yield, we look for strong fundamentals and long-term potential, uncovering opportunity in fiscally sound, yet undervalued, industries and credits. In building multi-sector allocation portfolios, we actively allocate among investment grade, high yield and emerging markets debt depending on where we see the greatest relative value.

We believe the key to successfully generating excess returns is through a disciplined process of rigorous credit analysis combined with a significant ongoing investment in people and technology.

What’s with the Rhino?

The rhino in Stone Harbor’s logo represents the heart and character of our firm. The rhino demonstrates power in its secure stance, but this unmatched power can also manifest through speed and agility. Despite being built like tanks, rhinos can switch from standing still to moving at full speed in just a few strides.

Much like the rhino, Stone Harbor can provide defense through positioning and agility from experience. We demonstrate the ability to navigate quickly in sometimes treacherous terrain.

Rhinos are rare, tough, and powerful.

The Power of Managing Risk