Multi-Sector Credit

Absolute Return

Absolute return multi-sector credit strategies take broad credit market exposure across US and global investment grade assets (corporate debt and securitized), emerging markets hard and local currency sovereign and corporate debt, and US and global high yield debt (corporate debt and leveraged loans). The strategies aim to achieve total return through broad credit exposure while seeking to provide downside protection. Duration is normally constrained within a certain range. Though they are not managed against a benchmark, performance is measured against a cash target return

Multi-sector credit strategies represent a shift away from core plus portfolios centered around a base allocation of US investment grade corporate debt and securitized markets, expanding the universe geographically to include non-U.S. and emerging markets, and across ratings to incorporate high yield fixed income and leveraged loans, providing investors greater diversification, mitigation of downside risk, and higher risk adjusted yields. While providing the widest possible universe of fixed income opportunities, as well as the ability to effectively manage duration, this approach also allows for rotation between asset classes as views on the relative attractiveness of each asset class change through various economic and business cycles.

Multi-sector credit strategies offer a flexible and customizable solution to a variety of investor objectives:

  • Complete credit solution with broad credit market exposure across geographies, industries, ratings bands, and the capital structure
  • Strategies can provide a quicker response to evolving financial market conditions
  • Diversified sources of risk and return with varying correlations
  • Tactical asset allocation as an additional source of alpha generated through sector rotation.
  • Income generation or total return orientation
  • De-risking portfolios – allocation of monies from de-risking/reduction of equity exposure
  • Return seeking portfolio – complement a liability driven investment strategy
  • Duration management – duration preferences can be accommodated
  • Can be implemented in a LIBOR Plus or Absolute Return framework

Stone Harbor’s demonstrated ability in providing multi-sector credit solutions is rooted in teamwork with a 30-year history, a disciplined asset allocation process driven by economic forecasts and expectations of global growth, inflation, and relative market dislocations, combined with security selection expertise based on deep credit analysis and an understanding of each market’s fundamental and technical factors. Risk is managed during asset allocation and security selection. Our experienced team has been managing multi-sector credit portfolios since 1993. Likewise, our underlying asset class teams manage track records dating back to the early 1990’s as well (e.g. Emerging Markets Debt: 1990, High Yield: 1992), allowing us to combine an asset allocation process tested through various market cycles with market selection expertise from experienced asset class specialist teams.

Stone Harbor offers this strategy on a segregated account basis or through commingled funds.

LIBOR Plus Total Return

The LIBOR Plus Total Return strategy primarily invests in a broad range of fixed income securities, including investment grade and below investment grade corporate debt, bank loans, emerging markets hard and local currency sovereign and corporate debt, and derivatives. Duration is constrained with an effective duration of less than 1 or 2 years depending on client guidelines. The portfolios may be customized in terms of target return, permitted asset classes and major base currency.

In addition to Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) we offer the following vehicles