Our Investment Philosophy

Collaboration and consistency – in both team and process – are key to building long-term value.

Seeking to achieve attractive risk-adjusted total returns, we are active managers, who allocate dynamically in building our range of tailored institutional portfolios.

Stone Harbor’s investment team – portfolio managers, credit analysts, economists, quantitative analysts and risk management professionals – engages in disciplined and regular collaboration to carefully construct our global macroeconomic outlook and strategic allocation framework.

We are a research-driven firm, drilling deeply into the fundamentals to determine the attractiveness of individual credits, currencies, interest rates and yield curves to find the best investments within select asset classes.

  • In emerging markets, we focus on politically and fiscally stable countries, carefully assessing macroeconomic fundamentals, policies and politics to ascertain each country’s credit worthiness.
  • In high yield, we look for strong fundamentals and long-term potential, uncovering opportunity in fiscally sound, yet undervalued, industries and credits.
  • In building multi-sector allocation portfolios, we actively allocate among investment grade, high yield and emerging markets debt where we see the greatest relative value.

We believe the key to successfully generating excess returns is through a disciplined process of rigorous credit analysis combined with a significant ongoing investment in people and technology.