Stone Harbor is closely monitoring the developments related to the COVID-19 virus as well as the advice being published by health agencies in the countries in which we operate (for example the US Center for Disease Control – CDC) as well as general global advice from entities such as the World Health Organization and taking necessary steps to mitigate potential impact to our operations.

We maintain a Business Continuity Plan that outlines the recovery strategies to be executed in restoring the processing environment in response to an unplanned interruption in normal business operations and anticipate having almost all employees available for work using our remote networking system if necessary. All of our critical computer systems are replicated to an offsite disaster recover location which can be accessed remotely. Employees have reviewed all critical functions and ensure they can continue in the event of an office closure.

We encourage all staff and kindly request visitors to our offices to practice safe hygiene as advised by relevant health agencies (e.g. washing hands, using hand sanitizer, etc). We have increased the level of janitorial services to our offices and are ensuring that sanitizers and tissues are readily available. At least one senior level employee has been appointed in each of our offices globally that is responsible for remaining current on COVID-19 risk assessment, local health advice and contact information for the relevant authorities.

Additionally, in keeping with advice given internationally and by the Center for Disease Control, all employees have been advised to implement certain precautionary measures including strict adherence to the WHO guidance on hygiene as well as self-quarantine should circumstances warrant it. We have implemented enhanced travel precautions for employees and travel will be limited in accordance with health agencies’ recommendations.

Stone Harbor does not anticipate any service interruptions or changes at this time but we realize circumstances can change rapidly. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and inform you of any material developments.

Should you have any concerns or require further clarity then please speak to your Account Representative or email: [email protected]